Robotnik launches its new range of RB-Vulcano products

The new line of products is focused on industrial applications and complements the new product portfolio.

The new RB-VULCANO is designed, manufactured and marketed by Robotnik. This is the result of Robotnik´s experience for more than 17 years in the Mobile Robotics Sector.

A new line of products that expands and complements the product portfolio of the company by incorporating three new robots. They are characterized by their large load capacity, their autonomy, their industrial approach and their versatility to incorporate various tools based on their use.

The mobile platform RB-VULCANO BASE stands out for its high load capacity: 1.750 kg and an autonomy of up to 10 hours. Both features are extremely useful for industrial environments, especially for logistics applications.

Besides that, the robot RB-VULCANO consists of the mobile platform RB-Vulcano Base, lift column and a UR5 arm (payload of 5 kg) or arm UR10 (payload 10 kg). By default, it has integrated collaborative gripper 40 CO-ACT (Schunk) but this can be replaced by any other type of tool (as a screwdriver, for example).

Finally, the mobile platform RB-VULCANO PRO stands out for its ability to integrate various components for performing numerous tasks in industrial, agricultural and logistics environments. Among these components are tools, structures, supports, robotic arms, forklifts, roller-conveyors, tanks and air/hydraulic units, among others.


ID Logistics bets on for the Collaborative Mobile Robots with Robontik's solutions

The SUMMIT-XL STEEL model works in the facilities of the logistics company facilitating the tasks of the operators.

The objective is the automation of the transport of materials in their processes of picking and preparation of orders in the e-commerce sector. The application includes autonomous transport from the point of collection of items to the preparation and shipping area. In addition, there is a tracking mode in which the Collaborative Mobile Robot (CMR) follows the operator while collecting. Once when it is completed, the robot returns autonomously to the unloading area.

The Collaborative Mobile Robot automates a task that is repetitive and tedious, which ultimately results in an optimization of the work processes and, therefore, a better result. Thanks to the user interface, which is developed by Robotnik, the operator can interact with the robot in a very easy way through a touch screen. SUMMIT-XL STEEL has a robust design that allows it to support loads of up to 250 kg. For industrial applications of freight transport in indoor environments, such as warehouses or factories, Robotnik offers a solution that includes the fleet of robots itself, the Fleet Management System and the user interface (HMI). This enables the final customer to control their collaborative robots in a very easy, fast and effective way.

Robotnik's Collaborative Mobile Robots, which work together with people with full security in work environments, making possible a fast and flexible start-up. Autonomous navigation is used with security lasers, so it is not necessary to install external physical elements (beacons, magnetic tapes, etc.).

Collaboration between a mobile robot SUMMIT-XL and a drone DJI Matrix 100

Collaboration between a land mobile robot "Summit XL" and a drone "DJI Matrix 100" for the realization of an automated inventory in logistics warehouse, developed by the Université du Havre.  The acquisition of inventory data is done from an Android application installed on a smartphone under the drone

C.E.H HARIK, F.GUERIN, F.GUINAND, J.F.BRETHE, H.PELVILLAIN - "Towards An Autonomous Warehouse Inventory Scheme" - IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2016) - Athens (Greece) - December 6-9, 2016 – Best Paper Award

C.E.H HARIK, F.GUERIN, F.GUINAND, J.F. BRETHE, H. PELVILLAIN, J.Y.PAREDE – ”Fuzzy logic controller for predictive vision-based target tracking with an unmanned aerial vehicle” – - Advanced Robotics, Journal of the Robotics Society of Japan (RSJ), Volume 31 - Issue 7, Pages 368-381, 2017

SUMMIT-XL connected to ROS Development Studio (TheConstructSim)

The Construct  has just launched a video with the mapping program is running in the ROSDS, the environment is shown in rviz, with the data comming from the real SUMMIT-XL:

Programming the SUMMIT-XL from Robotnik in ROSDS is very easy, it allows to forget setting nor configuring your computer, just by pressing a button, the code does not run in simulation but in the real robot.

DLR: Swarm Navigation and Exploration for Gas Source Localization with SUMMIT-XL

DLR demonstrates at this video a navigation system and exploration strategy for a multi-robot system (several units of the SUMMIT-XL),with the goal to find unknown gas sources. The system was developed at the Institute of Communication and Navigation at the German Aerospace Center (DLR). This work was partially supported within VALLES MARINERIS EXPLORER - an Initiative of DLR Space Administration.

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Robotnik has officially launched a new version of the SUMMIT-XL STEEL. The new platform of the SUMMIT-XL family stands out for having an ultra-resistant steel structure, omnidirectional configuration and is able to carry 200 kg payload. Like its predecessor, uses open architecture and modular control based on ROS and easily allows the integration of a wide list of sensors and manipulators.

The new SUMMIT-XL STEEL has an industrial safety system through PLC and improved control, navigation and mapping algorithms. In addition, it is ready for integration with high-level applications (FMS).

The new version is simpler and more intuitive for its use and maintenance. It has a greater internal capacity, it is much more versatile to add additional components and access to internal components is easier. Also, the space for the battery is larger, so the robot has more autonomy, up to 10 hours in continuous movement. As well, it is better protected against dust and liquids and it is offered with IP65 option.

The mobile platform is configured with omnidirectional kinematics that provide greater maneuverability. Rubber wheels can also installed thus providing skid-steering kinematics and the possibility to operate outdoors even in rough terrains

SUMMIT-XL STEEL is conceived for indoor logistics and general service robotics applications require high maneuverability and load capacity and R&D applications.

The platform, in its standard configuration, includes two 2D lasers and one inertial unit. Because it is modular and configurable, the integration of additional sensors is straightforward. These components allow the robot to navigate autonomously or remotely and perform manipulation tasks.

Find out more about SUMMIT XL STEEL.

E-mart introduces Eli, the autonomous shopping cart developed by Robotnik

E-mart, a Korean chain operator, has just presented an autonomous shopping cart: Eli. This autonomous and collaborative shopping cart has been developed by Robotnik in collaboration with its partner Gaitech Robotics.

Eli shopping cart has functions such as autonomous navigation, tracking of people, avoidance of obstacles and automatic payment, among others.

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IAS-LAB ranks third at MBZIRC 2017 - The mobile robot is a customized SUMMIT-XL

IAS-LAB of the University of Padua ranked third in The 2017 Grand Challenge of the  Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotic Challenge (MBZIRC) with the unmanned mobile manipulator robot called RUR53.

RUR53 is build on a custom modified version of the SUMMIT-XL robot by Robotnik.

Desert Lion, the team of IAS-LAB, participated in the Grand Challenge together with the Czech Technical University of Prague and the University of Pennsylvania.

RUR53 is able to navigate inside an outdoor arena; locate and reach a operation panel; locate and recognize a specific wrench; manipulate the wrench to physically operate a valve stem on the panel itself, both autonomously and in teleoperation mode.

MBZIRC, taking place in Abu Dhabi, is a biennal international robotics competition, which attracts the best international teams, by providing a demanding set of benchmark robotics challenges.

These robots will save our fields from the danger of pesticides

Future robots would spray pesticides only on plants that need them, unlike current practices that waste up to 99% of plant protection products because they cover the entire field.


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Team RobInLab UJI at Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017

A team from the RobInLab has competed with robotics teams from around the world in the Amazon Robotics Challenge (ARC 2017) held from July 27 to 30 in Nagoya, Japan, reaching the tenth position