GoCart is the autonomous meal-transport robot designed by the South Korean company Yujin Robot with the aim to operate in all elderly and health care facilities. GoCart started as a first prototype with the GoCart V.1 which has been improved to a second version. GoCart V.2 it is based on the feedback received during trade show demonstrations in many countries such as Germany, USA and Sweden during last year in order to develop a stronger version to better meet customers’ needs.


During September 2015, Yujin Robot’s Innovation Team together with Robotnik Automation S.L.L and the Robotics Institute for Dependency have traveled to Ave Maria Foundation, located in Sitges (Spain), to carry out a field test in their facilities. This place is a care facility for people with intellectual disabilities.

The role of Robotnik will be the implementation and support of these systems in the European territory. Robotnik’s CEO declares “GoCart in terms of localization and this new technology provides flexibility and this allows that in can be integrated in hospitals and health care institutions”.

Watch a video from the test field in Ave Maria Foundation:

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