Guardian V5 architecture uses ROS and has new features and adapts to new market needs.

Robotnik presents the new version of its mobile platform Guardian

Robotnik Automation company in the service robotics market, has just launched the new version of its mobile platform Guardian. The new autonomous robot Robotnik, which is already in its fifth version, has new capabilities and features. Of these, include its higher speed and improved combination of wheels and chains in their drive system, which gives greater mobility and versatility. Robotnik’s new platform uses the ROS architecture, benefiting from the advantages of open source.

Guardian V5, which also has a completely revamped chassis, thus conforms to the new requirements of the market to which it is directed. Robotnik’s mobile platform is primarily directed to the field of research and development of real applications. Among its them, is the indoor and outdoor navigation requiring high mobility; Search and deactivation of improvised weapons IEDD or EOD, surveillance and remote measurement and map generation.

Guardian V5 is undoubtedly an excellent platform for all and that can integrate multiple sensors and accessories such as lasers, cameras, stereovision heads or pan-tilt units, among others. Equally remarkable load capacity that reaches 100 kg.

Roberto Guzman, CEO of Robotnik, explains that “Guardian V5 is the most robust and versatile platform developed by Robotnik so far. It is an autonomous robot that is perfectly suited to the needs of the technology market. “