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Robotnik will be present at MWC and ERF 2015

Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC) is one of the most important technological events worldwide, just taking a look at the numbers of the last edition, which was attended by 75,000 visitors, and conferences of influential people as Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, or Jan Koum founder of Whatsapp, give us an idea of the importance of the event.

On the other hand, Robotnik will be also present at the sixth edition of European Robotics Forum (ERF) which will take place in Vienna, Austria. This 3-day event, from March 11-13, 2015, is a meeting point for at least 350 scientists, companies and robotics officials from the European Commission.

Robotnik will show some of their mobile platforms, such as Summit XL. We invite you to visit our stand (10B) and we’ll be delighted to welcome you.

Robotnik continues participating in projects funded under FP7 programme

ROBO-SPECT is a European 7th Framework project funded under the ICT programme on Robotics Use Cases (contract No. 611145), implemented by 10 partners from 6 European countries.

The main objective of the project consortium is to provide an automated, speedy and reliable tunnel inspection and assessment solution that can combine in one pass both inspection and detailed structural assessment and that only minimally interfere with tunnel traffic. The proposed robotic system will be evaluated at the research infrastructure of VSH in Switzerland, at London Underground and at the tunnels of Egnatia Motorway in Greece.

The project officially launched its activities in October 2013. During the first year of the project the partners indentified an extended group of end-users, derived user requirements and specifications and based on these designed the first prototypes of all components of the proposed robotic system. Robotnik handles the automation of mobile robotics platform of this project.

The AutoWinSpec project is partly funded by the European Seventh Framework Program (FP7) over two years.

The proposed research aims to deliver a novel inspection technique and apparatus based on Acousto - Ultrasonics, a mechanical integrity assessment technique, to enable accurate estimation of the mechanical properties of the blades and their remaining lifespan. Therefore wind farm operators will be able to identify defective areas and order the new blade on time to increase availability; hence profits.

The entire process will be automated; reducing costs per WT inspected and inspection time by 84% and 50% respectively compared to existing approach while enhancing the operators’ safety by eliminating the need to climb on 100m wind towers.



Robotnik was present in the IV GMV Robotics Day

One more year, with the purpose to show the current situation of robotics and its many applications, was held the "IV GMV Robotics Day", within the European Robotics Week (25-30 November), with over 300 events related to robotics in Europe.

Robotnik was present with a Summit XL mobile platform along with a MICO robotic arm of Kinova Inc.

Robotnik, official distributor in Europe of UBR-1

Unbounded Robotics and Robotnik have just signed the agreement according to which our company becomes the official and exclusive distributor of UBR-1 in Europe.

UBR-1 is an advanced mobile robot designed for robotic researchers and businesses. The team of Willow Garage alumni has developed  a mobile manipulation platform that offers state-of-the-art software and a sophisticated hardware exterior with an affordable price.

Roberto Guzman, CEO of Robotnik, has expressed his satisfaction with the agreement because "undoubtedly, UBR-1 represents an important step in the history of Service Robotics and Robotnik  will support its expansion in Europe".

As all the robotic products by Robotnik, UBR-1 mounts ROS architecture.

We are now taking orders for UBR-1 throughout Europe.

Medidas-Principales-AGVS II

Barrett excels at Hand-Eye Coordination

Barrett Technology has announced that it will begin offering a full-sensor-suite for its BarrettHand under the protection of US Patent 7,168,748 whose claims cover the addition of cameras and other sensors on the finger and palm surfaces of a robotic hand.

The new suite consists of stereo vision, a white LED for target illumination, a structured-light emitter, and an infrared range finder, all in the palm of the Hand. Palm height is increased by a barely-perceptible 6 mm.

The suite will be available by this summer as an option on the latest BarrettHand, the BH8-282, and retrofittable on existing BH8-282s.  Customers with BH8-280s can upgrade their Hands to BH8-282 for a small fee and then order the option for their upgraded Hand.

According to CEO Bill Townsend, "We had the foresight to anticipate the need for cameras and like sensors to be located right on the palm and fingers of robotic Hands. Our engineers were way ahead of the curve on this one".

By putting sensors in the palm, the resolution scales nicely with distance.  A wide view when far away and high resolution when close up - all with minimal occlusion."

DARPA helped fund development of this sensor array, and the first systems will be installed on BarrettHands owned by DARPA under the highly-successful ARM project.

Robotnik will be present at Innorobo 2014

As in the last edition, Robotnik will attend as exhibitor Innorobo 2014, that will be held in Lyon (France) from 18th until 20th of March.

Innorobo is one of the most important events of robotic sector in Europe. Robotnik will show some of their mobile platforms, such as Summit XL or Turtlebot 2.

We invite you to visit our stand (C44) and we'll be delighted to welcome you.

Robotnik at 'III GMV Robotics Day'

Robotnik attended the 'III GMV Robotics Day', an event which aims to show the current state of robotic technologyand its many applications.

Robotnik  made ​​an exhibition with  X-WAM robot.

The event, which is part of the various events planned within the European Robotics Week, has had an outstandingimpact on the mass media:






The goes over Robotnik's history

After 11 years of experience, Robotnik is now recognized internationally as a leading company in the field of robotics.Internationalization, technological innovation with continuous release of new products and adaptation to market needs, are some of the success factors. The talks about these achievements.

A Robot controlled from brain activity

Some researchers at the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Valencian Community, are working for more than a year in the development of a robot whose movements are controlled from the brain activity of a person.

The aim of this work is to improve the quality of life for people with limited mobility in their hands due to accidents or severe disabilities.

Although research initially focused on making the robot perform everyday activities such as bringing objects or help in feed somebody, the challenge goes beyond marking.

Turn on the light, control television channels, raise or lower a shutter, or call someone only with the thought, are some of the functions that these researchers have been marked for the future.

For over a year a team led by the director of Systems Engineering and Automation of the UMH, José María Azorin, working on the development of this robot to be controlled from the brain activity of the person.

Currently, the development of this work has allowed this robotic device with already two arms and two hands, as Azorin has assured.

The system uses surface electrodes placed on the head of the person, as if it were an EEG, and its sensors are able to detect the activity of neurons.

In this way, the collected information is encoded through algorithms that translate the commands to the robot so that, for example, it can perform daily activities such as picking up a glass of water and drink or help to feed the disabled person.

According to the director of the Biomedical Neuroengineering of UMH, Eduardo Fernandez, it is intended that a person who has a disease, such as multiple sclerosis or spinal cord transaction, he could be  in  somehow "independent ".

The project is still in a development phase, with the intent to understand and validate this technology in healthy people, and then implement it in simpler devices, smallest and affordable for the public, because, Fernandez said, "a robot is expensive and may not be available to everyone ".

This work also involved research groups from all over Europe who have the advice of final users and their families, as well as medical specialists.

The research process is long-lasting and the technology involved is very expensive, so the working team has not marked a deadline, and they have said that it will be necessary a lot of time before a final user will be able to use it.

Robotnik, winner of the EIBT Award

Robotnik, supported in its creation and consolidation by the CEEI Valencia (European Center for Innovative Enterprises), has been the winner in the category “Trajectory” of the EIBT National Award, that National Association of CEEIs in Spain (ANCES) given annually to the best Innovative Technology Companies supported by national centers.

Several factors have been decisive for ANCES to value the candidacy of Robotnik. On the one hand, its evolution in the turnover and in the company’s staff, as well as its level of innovation and technology; on the other hand, its participation in various international projects.

It has been also highlighted the efforts made by Robotnik in the internationalization process, through the opening of new markets, such as research, security, civil protection and service robotics, and the establishment of partnerships with major manufacturers worldwide.


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