2023 has been a year of growth for both Robotnik and the robotics sector in general. In January of this year, Robotnik announced its inclusion in the United Robotics Group, a service robotics ecosystem based in Germany. This business alliance has opened up new possibilities for consolidation in the European market and expansion into new global markets, such as America. The goal is to continue developing autonomous mobile robotics that truly add value to society and serve as an effective tool for people in any sector.

This article compiles information on Robotnik’s new mobile robots, technological advancements, and trends in the robotics sector. 2023: you have been a great robotic year.


Robotnik’s product portfolio includes autonomous mobile robots and manipulators that evolve each year in both software and hardware. Some historically well-known and still in-demand models include RB-VOGUI and the RB-KAIROS+ mobile manipulator.

However, in the current year, Robotnik has introduced 3 new robots that have gained significant acceptance among end-users, businesses, and academic clients: RB-WATCHER, RB-THERON+, and RB-ROBOUT+.


RB-WATCHER: If there’s one robot that defined 2023, it’s RB-WATCHER. Robotnik has positioned itself in the inspection and maintenance robotics sector with this mobile robot, designed, developed, and manufactured to autonomously execute security and surveillance tasks indoors or outdoors, providing unprecedented precision and stability. More information about the benefits of introducing autonomous mobile inspection and maintenance robotics can be found in this article.


RB-THERON+: This new autonomous mobile manipulator joins Robotnik’s portfolio as a solution for pick & place operations in confined indoor spaces. It is one of the most advanced mobile manipulators on the market, certified UR+ and compatible with Universal Robots‘ arm integration. Due to its versatile design, it has become a valuable tool for tasks requiring a special level of precision and accuracy. Technical specifications, features, safety regulations, and other information about RB-THERON+ are available here.


RB-ROBOUT+: Just a few weeks ago, Robotnik announced the launch of another new mobile manipulator robot with one of the highest payload capacities in the market: it can carry up to 20 kg with the UR20 arm and has a reach of 1,750 mm. The collaborative mobile manipulator RB-ROBOUT+ aims to automate handling operations in large workspaces or operations with tools on large pieces in different locations within an industrial space, such as masking or coating, polishing, cleaning, or screw tightening efficiently and precisely. In addition to the UR20, it is ready for Plug and Play integration of any arm from the Universal Robots e-series.


If you are part of the robotics, automation, or technology sector in general, you have probably read about humanoid robots, exoskeletons, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The integration of AI with robotics has been a central theme in 2023. Advances in deep learning algorithms have allowed robots to perform more complex tasks ranging from pattern recognition to more autonomous decision-making and increased interaction with the environment, as explained in this article. From computer vision to natural language processing, artificial intelligence has enhanced the ability of robots to interact more naturally with the environment and with humans.

Technological evolution has once again highlighted that advances in robotics are transforming and driving industries, optimizing production processes, and intelligently automating tasks that are dangerous, tedious, repetitive, or heavy for humans. At Robotnik, two trends highlighted by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) have been particularly considered: the energy efficiency of mobile robotics and the ease of use of robots for non-expert end-users. On one hand, the use of mobile robots directly contributes to the energy savings of a factory, as the production pace is higher and more constant. Additionally, Robotnik’s robots consume less energy than most traditional assembly systems. On the other hand, regarding greater ease of use for end customers, Robotnik has developed a simple and intuitive user interface that allows both expert and non-expert users to control, handle, or monitor robots from a tablet, smartphone, or PC.


The integration of emerging technologies will continue to drive the field toward new frontiers in 2024. Forecasts indicate further advancements in collaborative robotics, the more professional and ethical application of artificial intelligence, and new milestones for the navigation, localization, and processing capabilities of mobile robotics.

In 2024, the Robotnik team will continue to work towards offering the most advanced solutions in robotics and mobile manipulation. And, of course, if you have questions about how to approach your robotics project, our experts are here to assist you.

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In 2024, the integration of emerging technologies is expected to push robotics to new frontiers, with advances in collaborative robotics, ethical application of artificial intelligence, and improvements in navigation, localisation and processing power in mobile robotics..

The RB-ROBOUT+ is one of the most powerful mobile manipulators on the market. It can carry up to 20 kg on the UR20 arm and has a reach of 1,750 mm.

Robotnik highlights the sustainability of robotics in terms of the energy efficiency of mobile robots and the ease of use for end customers, achieved through an intuitive user interface to operate the robots.