The number of companies that are committed to the gradual integration of mobile robotics solutions for surveillance and security tasks is experiencing a significant boom that increases every year.

Mobile surveillance robots offer a wide range of applications, from intrusion detection to protecting assets, infrastructure, and people. Beyond their surveillance capacity, they have tangible advantages such as cost reduction and greater specialization of security personnel.

It’s been a year since Robotnik launched its robot specifically designed for surveillance and inspection, RB-WATCHER.

In recent months, we’ve seen how autonomous mobile robotics has become part of the operational strategy in terms of surveillance, inspection and maintenance of so many companies that are committed to innovation.


Robotics has revolutionized the surveillance industry by offering a number of benefits that improve the efficiency and reliability of security systems. Here are some of the strengths of robotics within the sector:

  • Automation: Automating surveillance tasks frees up human resources for more strategic activities and reduces the margin for human error.
  • Scalability: The RB-WATCHER surveillance robot is highly scalable, which means that it can be easily adjusted to the needs of small businesses or large industrial facilities, varying the number of robots deployed, depending on the company's situation and the requirements of its operations.
  • Operational efficiency: Early detection of incidents through round-the-clock monitoring reduces avoidable expenses and increases business productivity.
  • Technological innovation: Robotics drives technological innovation in the security industry, enabling the development of more advanced and sophisticated systems that improve detection and response capabilities.


Mobile security robots operate using a combination of advanced hardware and software to navigate and perform surveillance tasks autonomously. These are the main components and the operating process of the RB-WATCHER:

  • Sensors: this mobile security robot is equipped with specific inspection and navigation sensors, including a bispectral camera, front camera, RTK GPS and microphone, among others.
  • Processing unit: The information collected by the sensors is processed through a central processing unit, which uses specialized algorithms and software to interpret the data and transmit it in real-time.
  • Autonomous Navigation: Based on the sensory information discussed above and data processing, the mobile robot plans and executes its patrol route autonomously, avoiding obstacles and adjusting its trajectory as needed.
  • Communication: The mobile robot has wireless communication capabilities, allowing it to send real-time data to a base station or control center, as well as receive commands and software updates remotely.


Since an autonomous mobile robot is one capable of understanding, navigating and interacting with its environment in an intelligent way, by integrating sensors and specific software for surveillance and inspection, it becomes a useful solution to improve safety in different facilities. Here are some ways companies can take advantage of this technology:

  • Constant surveillance: Mobile security robots can continuously patrol a designated area, providing constant and stable operability. This becomes a key resource to ensure complete coverage at all times.
  • Intrusion detection: Equipped with a variety of advanced sensors such as high-resolution cameras, motion sensors, and heat-sensing technology, surveillance robots can identify intrusions or anomalous behavior quickly and accurately. This allows for the immediate response of technical staff to any potential hazards.
  • Remote Monitoring: RB-WATCHER is a mobile security robot that can be controlled remotely through an intuitive user interface, developed by Robotnik. This allows operators to monitor and control surveillance activities from any location in the world, providing enhanced flexibility and accessibility.
  • Integration with existing security systems: Mobile surveillance robots can be easily integrated with existing security systems, such as closed-circuit cameras (CCTV) and alarm systems. This ensures seamless collaboration between different security components and a coordinated response to emergency situations.


there are many factors that drive companies to incorporate robots as a comprehensive security solution. Advances in robotics technology, combined with other technologies such as vision, AI or IoT, play a key role in accelerating this transition to a more automated and efficient model.

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  1. Automation, as it frees up human resources.
  2. Scalability, which allows companies to tailor the number of robots they deploy based on their needs.
  3. Operational efficiency, thanks to the early detection of errors or incidents.

Companies are adopting autonomous robots because of their continuous surveillance capabilities, cost reduction, and improvements in patrol accuracy.

Robotics drives technological innovation in the security industry, enabling the automation of surveillance tasks, greater operational efficiency, and faster response to incidents.